New Apartment

There was a request for pictures of our new apartment. I was over there today getting the internet set up so I took some pictures while I was hanging around there.

Church Search Reopened (Again)

By reason of moving far away.  Argh.  This is the part that makes me feel the most rootless.  I just really don’t want to have to do this again.

But.  No choice. Same rules as before I guess.  In fact, you can pretty much take this post from last year and glue it in here.

I feel like satisfying those requirements is going to be a little harder here.  To start, it’s a smaller place.  There are just fewer people and so less choice in churches.

The denominational mix also seems to be a little different.  In Ottawa we skipped over a couple of Baptists, a few Roman Catholics, and the occasional service in French.  Here…Well it looks like there are a lot of Charismatics around (also Seventh Day Aventists).

So I don’t know.  Maybe we’ll end up travelling a little farther on Sundays.


So.  We moved to Victoria.

They have rocks here.  I like rocks.

They have sun here.  I like sun.

We have acquired an apartment that I’m pretty happy with. (With space for extensive container gardening — more on this later probably.)

So it’s nice.  But I’m still feeling…discouraged.

Children at the Table


This picture is old.

On Sunday, the trorg took Communion with me.

It wasn’t really planned.  But it felt normal and natural, and I think the people serving would have been startled if I’d told him he couldn’t.

Most often, both of us are back in the nursery before Communion time and neither of us go out for it.  This week, he was the only kid in the service.  He went happily to Sunday School, but that ends before Communion.  When it was time to go up, he was playing quietly with crayons so I thought I might be able to slip up by myself.  But he missed me, and came to be picked up.

Then he just imitated the person next to us and put his hand out for the bread.

I feel like I should have thoughts on the matter, but they are incoherent and keep slipping away.

Church Websites

I’ve looked at a lot of church websites in the past year.  And since we’re moving in a little over a month, I anticipate looking at a lot more.  I’ve already started this, poking at a few websites for a few churches in our new city just to see what might be available.

Rachel also mentioned websites in her most recent post, with some push back on the topic in the comments.  **

My thoughts on church websites have been stewing for at least a year.  Maybe it’s time to write some of them down?

The first time I did a church search all by myself, I began by looking at a streetmap of my neighbourhood and identifying all the church buildings.  Then I went for a walk and looked at the signs to identify the times of the services.

My current process isn’t so different.  I start with Google maps to identify possible candidates.  From there, I hit church websites.  On those websites, I’m looking for these things (more or less in order of importance):

  1. Service times and locations — This is the absolute most important thing to include on a church website.  If it’s not there, I will not be coming to visit.  It should be on the home page — the first page that visitors find.  It should be blindingly obvious.  I should not have to hunt for it.  If you have multiple services there should be some indication about what distinguishes them.
  2. Clear indications of whether or not the church meets my criteria — For me, this usually consists of a denominational affiliation.  It seems like the majority of “non-denominational” churches don’t baptise children so most of the churches that I’m interested in are somehow affiliated with a larger denomination.  I get a little annoyed when church websites seem to try to hide this information.  Sometimes I end up wading through a long “Statement of Beliefs” to find what I’m looking for, but usually if I have to go that far, the answer will be a big fat NOPE.
  3. Some indication of the atmosphere of services — This is more nice to have rather than necessary.  It’s really hard to give anything meaningful here, and ultimately, I know that I will have to come to a service to really know what it’s like.  But there is some basic information that can give me an idea of how to prepare:  Is there a nursery or Sunday School for the trorg?  Is he welcome to stay in the service?

There seems to be a trend towards a particular style of church website that I’m not sure I really appreciate.  Usually it involves animated banners with lots of stock footage and “inspirational” gobbledygook.  The older style is perfectly nice.

Let’s look at some examples, shall we?

  • Here’s a perfectly nice website in an older style.  Mostly static informative pages.  A polished colour scheme.  Useful information.  But not heavily produced and not requiring frequent updates.
  • Here’s another older style.  This one is showing it’s age a little bit.  It’s functional, but a little bit ugly.
  • This website is brand new.  It didn’t look like that when we visited it 6 months ago. It’s pretty and looks modern, but it’s really no more functional than what they had before.
  • I’m not really finding a good local example of the type of church website that I find overproduced.  Perhaps this is a reasonable example:  Or maybe this?

Looking at all these in a row specifically hoping to evaluate their websites rather than anything else leaves me feeling like the differences are pretty subtle.  In fact, it seems like many churches are using exactly the same template.  They all look pretty homogeneous.

** Some people in Rachel’s comment section seemed to think that an updated website had something to do with the website’s appearance — Older websites do have a certain look.  For me, this is absolutely not the case.  I’m not looking for a website that looks modern.  I’m looking for one with up to date information on it.  It can be hard to tell sometimes with older looking websites whether or not they have been recently updated, but a plain HTML website with blink tags that looks like 20 years ago can be perfectly functional.  On the other hand, if your “Recent events” are from 2001, then you’ve got a problem.

Rental Apartment Ad Translation

  • Bright = It’s in a rather dim basement.
  • Character = Old.  Probably run down.
  • Convenient Location = Near the highway.

To Do for a Friday

  • Dishes.
  • Verify Equilibria Computation — Recheck code.
  • Update working document.  Make summer work plan.
  • Plant more peas.
  • Music practice.
  • Damage Taken animation (Rivikah, goose, vortex, ant).
  • Rivikah normalmap.
  • Cast animation timing tags.
  • Tile orientation correction (Forest, at least two on cliff edge).
  • Lectionary typesetting for Ordinary Time. (started)

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